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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 1:39:21 AM

You cant be serious. essays Today is my birthday! I’m squirming in my seat with excitement! The school bell to signal the end of the day is supposed to ring soon. It’s my first day of being 12 & so far it’s been great, all my friends brought me presents and balloons! But the best is yet to come…mom and dad got me a brand new bike! It’s being kept in the next town over so right after school we’re going to go get it! It’s blue, with…oh! There goes the bell. I Carousel Training my bags and say goodbye to all my friends American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series are overflowing with jealousy. I make my way to the parking lot where I instantly spot my mom’s Carousel Training Honda right in front. I walk faster, eager to get my bike. I out my bags in the boot & get in the car as I’m greeted by my family. By now, I’m so full of energy I can’t sit still! I can see my parents are pretty excited as well, by the cheerful looks on their faces. We drive outside the property and towards the highway. We enjoy sporadical chit chat in the car about how our day went, and then I look out the window and realize that Different Dimensions of Diversity - Accepted Admissions Blog must be getting closer, as I don’t recognize any of the scenery surrounding me. I feel the anticipation bubbling up inside me & ask dad how much longer it will take to get Carousel Training. His answer, another 20 minutes, does not please me. It seemed like we’d been in the car forever. I guess my mom could see the disappointment on my face, as she tried to cheer me up by suggesting we play the infamous “Alphabet game”. We got up until the letter T when it started to rain, but I’m not going to let the weather spoil my day. I’m gazing out the rain-stricken window when I hear loud car horns, and a blood-curdling scream from my mom. My entire body filled with fear. I turn my head just in time to see a large, blurry vehicle slam into our car. Brakes screeched. The sound of twisting metal and broken glass fills my ears. Everything went black. --------o0o-------- The sight in front of me tugs at my heart. .

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