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Thursday, August 09, 2018 5:48:33 AM

Knowledge of the external world essays As living creatures we humans rely on our knowledge to guide us through our life. It is hard for us to even think that we may not have knowledge of the outside world. We believe in whatever we see or feel and that these things we experience actually exist. It is important that we look into the possibilities of what we may consider real and discover what knowledge we Research Paper on Durkheim | CustomWritings Blog have in this world. In this essay I will explain how we have no knowledge of the outside world. All the knowledge we have is from experience. Our experienced-based knowledge comes from using our senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. Everything we learn is brought to us through our five senses. Although sometimes our senses may deceive us in some cases, on the whole our senses are very reliable. If there is any doubt to an idea then it cannot, for certain, be knowledge.One definition of knowledge is justified true belief. Belief is not used How did Propaganda influence World war I? | Yahoo Answers the same way as having faith in something. Belief is instead used in the sense of trying to get to the truth of some idea. If a certain belief is to be considered knowledge then it must be justified. Therefore, the difference between knowledge and true belief is that knowledge is justified. If there is not a justification or even a truth to an idea then it cannot be knowledge. We can doubt our experience-based beliefs. One way we can show that experienced-based beliefs are dubitable is through the “dream argument.” There is a possibility Full text of Texas State Journal of Medicine I am dreaming right now. There may be times when I am asleep and dreaming that I am typing up a paper when in fact it is all a dream.When we dream we can have the same feelings and senses that we experience in real life. As I wake up in the morning and fall back asleep I will sometimes think that I am getting up and looking at the time when in fact I am not and instead I am still sleepi.

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