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Monday, July 30, 2018 8:04:13 PM

Ding, Mla Works Cited Essay Definition Essay Topics also Best are done essays “Ding, Your Fries are Done.” As the hungry lunchtime crowd enters Burger King, Mark the French-fry flipper is working his best. On his busy lunchtime schedule Mark is usually saying, “Ding your fries are done.” Mark will say happily. If Mark isn’t saying that, he is probably saying, “I’m waiting for the bell to ring!” Mark will exclaim. Everyday, Mark’s manager Troy tells Mark he is doing a good job and everyday Mark smiles back at Troy, but one day something went wrong. Oh yeah, Flaps in plastic surgery - slideshare I forget to tell you, Mark has some problems that he can’t help. By the way when he is not flipping French-fries, he is moping the floors. Mark has some mental problems and doesn’t understand certain concepts. Some people that work with him know that he has problems, and are very rude to Mark. Then they will make big messes on the floor and blame Mark for it. Well, Mark doesn’t know better and Troy the manager will bring Mark in his office and ask him if he did it. “Mark did you make those big messes on the floor?” Troy would 4 Ps for Oriflame - Term Paper - Free College Essays angrily. Mark not knowing better would say yes. So, Mark would have to stay late and clean the mess he didn’t make. Mark goes to Green Leaf to help him understand certain concepts. Each day he improves better and better. A few weeks later, Mark knew all of his concepts and what was good or bad. As the days went by, Mark’s workers did the same thing they did to him a couple of weeks ago. This time they made a bigger and messier mess. Troy knew whom to call. “Mark, come to my office!” Troy said madly. “Why did you do this Mark?” Troy questioned. “Sir that wasn’t me I promise.” Mark rapidly said. “It was the other workers, Writing Skills - Mohawk College Library Research Guides at did it last time too.” He said. “ I wasn’t smart enough to before to say I didn’t.” Mark gasped. “Oh, I see.” Troy said. “You may now leave my office,” Troy announced. .

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