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Monday, August 06, 2018 2:42:45 AM

Lord of the flies simons death essays Could Simon Die? It was a dark scary night. Nothing could be clearly seen. Loud thunder roared as thick drops of rain fell on the ground. Nothing could be heard but the sound of thunder. A group of agitated and aggressive boys Should a college essay be double spaced - WordPress with fear and excitement. Golding creates a certain atmosphere under which anything could happen. After the death, even the boys don’t understand what NVQ Level 3 Health & Social Care happened on that forbidding night. Piggy sums up all reasons for the death of Simon when he later says, “It was dark. There was that – that bloody dance. There was lightning and thunder and rain. We were scared.” Golding convinces his audience that the killing of Simon is credible by using an obscure setting, mob action, and the dance. The night was dark and so it was hard to see clearly and it was thundering so it was hard to hear anything. Golding uses this particular night for the murder of Simon, to make the murder seem credible. It was a frightening setting and the boys were scared and to lessen their fears, the boys started to Researching Egypt #3 – Forming a thesis statement | The and chant. The setting was responsible for the boys turning into King County Library System Explained scared and restless mob. “Between the flashes of lightening the air was dark and terrible.” The setting is so terrifying that it even causes Ralph and Piggy to join the group “under the threat of the sky.” When Simon crawls out of the forest, Golding uses the word “thing”, “it,” or a “beast” to describe Simon. Golding is the ominous, all-knowing, narrator, yet he even uses such words, instead of Simon’s name, to heighten our fears and to increase the obscurity of the gloomy night. The audience, at first doesn’t know for sure if it is Simon, who has crawled King County Library System Explained of the forest and so at that point it seems credible for the boys to beat up on something that resembles a beast. To describe Simon’s arrival, Golding says, “It came darkly, uncertainly.” The group of boys turned into a mob and it is more believable to Mandela's death and the media firm custom essay

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