College Board president gives some hints about changes in

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Two art works essays The two artworks those I??m going Privacy discuss on this paper are, ?®Madonna Essay C | Horoscopo Chino child with a book?? by Raphael and ?® Flight to the Egypt?? by Jacob Bassano. The ?®Madonna and child with a book?? is a high Renaissance artwork and ?®Flight to the Egypt?? is a Mannerist style artwork. On this report I??m going to discuss why these artworks belongs to those two different styles. The High Renaissance period started from 1500??s and ended 1530 and Mannerist style starts right after High Renaissance and ended in 1600??s. High renaissance and Mannerist style don??t have that much time difference but still those styles of Privacy have very different characteristic. The characteristics of High Renaissance styles are deep illusion of space, and also enough space allowed to figures in picture. In mannerists style artist didn??t give much space to figures in artwork. Figures usually cut off from the picture and the space seemed very confusing. Figures also pushed out to foreground often times. This made figures look very uncomfortable. In high Renaissance artwork you could fine very good quality of chiaroscuro, too. This good use of chiaroscuro makes M02 SPOR SB L02 1618 U02 - Pearson Education look very realistic. The light used on artwork is also very realistic. The artists in High Renaissance period concerned very much about realism in artwork. In mannerists artwork you still could find use of chiaroscuro but not realistic as high Renaissance artwork. Also the figures have not balanced body many times. The colors in high Renaissance art don??t pop out. Artists used very toned color in high Renaissance period. The use of color in Mannerist style was very different. In mannerists artwork often times you could find surprising combination of colors. Those color usually pops out a lot. The expression of emotion on artwork was also different. Mannerist style figures usually show much more emotions than high Renaissance figures. College Board president gives some hints about changes in

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