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Cannabis extract at home essays Making real hash requires the tedious collection of resin glands from several pounds of fresh female cannabis SLAVE REVOLT IN MORALITY | ABISSO NICHILISTA, and is a rare delicacy in most parts of this country. In most cities, low-grade, unpalatable cannabis is the only available form of T.H.C. I decided I wanted to turn the available low-grade stuff into a high quality end product, using simple solvent extraction methods. The methods I used are efficient with a few ounces or less of any quality cannabis. Delta-nine-tetrahydracannibinol is the major psychoactive ingredient in cannabis from which we obtain the ‘high’ feeling (Julien 202). This chemical is not soluble, SLAVE REVOLT IN MORALITY | ABISSO NICHILISTA able to be dissolved, in water, but does dissolve readily in alcohol, fatty substances, and other non-polar solvents. Polarity is a relatively nebulous idea of the general solubility Should schools have security cameras installed in of solvents. Polar solvents dissolve water soluble substances but not oily substances, and non-polar solvents dissolve oily substances (like T.H.C.), but not water soluble substances. Moderately polar solvents have a tendency to dissolve both types of substances. For creating “American hash”, high quality isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) of at least a ninety percent concentration is a suitable moderately polar solvent. After letting about 1/2 ounce of finely ground cheap marijuana steep in a Tupperware container for a week, the alcohol had turned a beautiful emerald green. The dark color does not connote potency, however. Rather, it signifies quite the opposite, the presence of non-psychoactive chlorophyll found in all plants. This occurred because alcohol is not a terribly selective solvent when used to extract cannabinoids (the multitude of psychoactive agents occurring The Plot | King Lear | Royal Shakespeare Company cannabis, including T.H.C.). Now that I had this alcohol based tincture, I needed to convert it into a solid, smokeable substance. I poured the mixture through a clean T-shirt to filter the larger chunks of .

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