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Ecclesiastes essays Ecclesiastes Critical Essay Ecclesiastes is story about a philosopher who is also the King of Jerusalem. He COMPARE/CONTRAST II TEMPLATE: - newclassroom as if his life is not fulfilled and that whatever he does doesn't matter. The way he lives his life is parallel to ours because of the way he thinks and the actions he uses to in his mind console himself. The problem with the main character is that he has too much so as a result of that he is depressed and sees the world a never ending cycle. He thinks that the only way to be fulfilled in life is to gain more, he also comes to a Health star ratings Kellogg reveals the cereal where we see him starting to experience fatalism, because he thinks that whatever he does his fate won't change. Ecclesiastes tried many different ways in solving his problem. He first tried to in a way live in gluttony and drink himself to happiness but that didn't work. Secondly he tried to buy his way into happiness and buys slaves, orchards, gardens, houses, entertainment, and as many woman as he wanted. This made him happy and very proud until he realized that all of the things he possessed were a big waist and that at the end the reward didn't really seem as a reward. He puts it in the best way "it was like chasing the wind-of no use at all." Ecclesiastes 2:11. So Ecclesiastes turns to fatalism to take him wherever his fate may take him. "What happens to fools is going to happen to me too So What have I gained from being so wise. Nothing" Ecclesiastes 2:15. This line involves the philosopher comparing himself to fools and how in the end we all go into the same place. The significant part of the excerpt is that in the end of it he thinks that him being very knowledgeable means nothing and all his work and rewards in life mean nothing. I can se how some of this is true because once you die you can't bring things you have earned over the years with you. As the story progresses Ecclesiastes realizes that he must enjoy life and have a simple life without all Argumentative synthesis essay lang 2016 - creative writing unnecessary objects w.

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