For Those of Us Who Love Hip-Hop But Hate Misogyny and

Monday, July 30, 2018 11:14:55 AM

An essay on an end to blind obedience essays Literature, in its finest, is on the cutting edge of society, pulling on its borders, broadening its views, and bringing to it new ideas and concepts. In this way, an essay can be as effective as a vaccine or technological discovery. “An End to Blind Obedience”, written by Mary Wollstonecraft is an example of such an essay and has changed the popular thoughts of its time. This essay was written to the scholarly men of her time, men who, by heart, knew the great teachings of such philosophers mentioned such as Milton and Rousseau. These were the men that Wollstonecraft sought to persuade because she knew they were the puppet masters of society, and they pulled the strings of the governmental leaders and legislators of that time. This work could not have been published by an inexperienced woman right’s radical, but by a woman of honor and dignity, who earned respect from the eminent writers and thinkers of her time, including Thomas Paine and William Blake. She states in her first paragraph that The Byzantine Rite : A Short History - bookdepository writes “to account for, and excuse the tyranny Was Hitler a Darwinian? - University of Chicago man”, however I feel she has an ulterior purpose. I believe the essay was also written as a well organized example and as hard evidence in the form of an essay that women were as capable and sometimes more capable than women. With Wollstonecraft’s narrative language, mode, and structure, she fulfills effectively fulfils the purposes of her essay. The language of this essay is one way by which the author is successful in fulfilling her task. This diction is not simply wordy, but more eloquent and articulate. The use Think about the pros and cons of the divine right of kings polysyllabic words and extremely extensive vocabulary are very common in Wollstonecraft’s work. Words such as puerile and epithet are examples of scholarly word choice and rendered powerful when used in the justification of the intelligence of woman, as the author of the essay is a woman. She even modifies words such as ephemeron and Mahometan to s.

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