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Death and bereavement essays Death is not what it used to be. For most of human history, medicine could do little to prevent or cure illness or extend life, and living to a reasonably old age seemed to come merely Style: MLA luck. Dying was generally a religious event, not a medical one. Because many deaths took place at home, usually family took care of their dying relatives, and usually had a personnel and direct relationship with the dying, and death in general. These days most people live their lives without thinking of the reality that they might face this kind of reality, or in general “a wake up call”. I will explain to you a profile of dying and death in the United States, and overview of research on attitudes and practices related to the end of life. I will also explain cultural characteristics that influence attitudes and practices related to the end of life, and the technological and organizational characteristics of health care. Americans, on average live much longer than than they did by the end of the 19th century, and death in infancy is now very rare. The major causes of death now, and a 100 years ago are very different. The dying process today seems to be much more extended Style: MLA to medical treatment. Death can often be postponed due to reasons like extended treatment. Because of situations like this, the task of preparing for death can often be neglected, and important relationships can be missed. At 1900, the average life expectancy was less than An argument for Christopher Hitchens - The Irish Times years. In 1995, the average life expectancy reached 75.8 years, marking an all-time high. Women expect to live to 79, and men 73. These statistics however, vary with racial differences. Black males death rate is nearly twice of white males, same as black females. Also, a Womens Liberation - Free Essays, Term Papers, Research ago people had to deal with diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, and diphtheria, which at that time were life threatening illnesses. Although these diseases in the most .

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