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Braveheart essays BraveHeart BraveHeart is, one of Hollywood’s best films depicting the historical past of Scottish history during the thirteenth century. Actor Mel Gibson, who not only had the leading role of Sir William Wallace, but also produced and directed the film, did a great job Art/Science and Politics - Pompeu Fabra University trying to reconstruct history as it once was. However, from having read the book William Wallace: Brave Heart by James Mackay, I found that there were many discrepancies throughout the epic film, which I believe to have lessened its credibility. First, I will briefly discuss the events that took place before the birth of William Wallace and how he came to be Scotland’s most memorable hero. During the early 1200’s Scotland, was experiencing many disputes between rival towns and rival families as well as the dispute against English invaders. Tension began to grow between the two rivals the Bruce and the Balliol families each were claiming their rights to the throne. However, these disputes would only get worse when Edward I (Longshanks) of England wanted the throne for himself, which he gained through lies and deceit. In August of 1274 Longshanks was Catwoman (Character) - Comic Vine king of England and would eventually become Wallace’s most deadly archrival. William Wallace was born in 1272 in the town of Elerslie, Scotland. He was the second of three sons to Sir Malcolm Wallace and was raised to become a well-rounded young man. He is described as a man of Art/Science and Politics - Pompeu Fabra University stature of about 6 feet, even though the average height for men during this time period was about 5 feet. Sir William Wallace became a hero of Scotland by fighting for his freedom and to unit the people of Scotland. Although, he was often out numbered by Longshanks army he won many battles, and was greatly admired by his countrymen. Wallace wanted freedom for his country no matter how difficult it may have seem he was prepared to die for it and he did. Long after winning many battles, William Wallace was captured in .

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