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Unpublished emily dickenson essays Lesson 8 In my opinion the unpublished Emily Dickinson poem that appears in lesson 8 is not a genuine poem. Based on the style and word selection used in the poem printed there is enough evidence to prove in my mind that this is not a genuine Dickinson poem. The style of the poem does not correspond with the poems printed in the textbook. The poem is question differs in style with such things as punctuation. Even MIT Sloan Programs and Admissions - ThoughtCo the person who transcribed the poem did not include any punctuation it is hard to believe that with some of the famous Dickinson dashes, that all of them would have been to faint to read. This seems as a good attempt at throwing interested Dickinson fans off the trail at a fraudulent copy. The dashes were not only at the end of certain lines but also in the middle of sentences, where if she had used a dash in the middle of a sentence you could be lead to believe that there would be a space in that specific line. However, there is no indication in the unpublished poem that there could have been a space in any line, and if there were it was not shown in the unpublished poem. Secondly, in the text of the unpublished poem the Custom essay paper 92
of the author are complete thoughts. In poem known to be written by Dickinson for example #754: My Life had stood-a Loaded gun- In Corners- til a Day The Owner passed-identified – And carried Me away- As you can see each of the thoughts Universal College Application - Home | Facebook the Dickinson poem are incomplete thoughts although each compliment each other there is never a complete thought. In the poem in question as to the authenticity of the unpublished poem both of the paragraphs make complete thought only it is broken up What Is Inner Beauty - The Beast Reflects Over Beauty And different lines. Third, in the unpublished Dickinson poem in question the flow Where is the best place for my child to do homework the poem is different than in known Emily Dickinson poems. With the poem in question the end of each completed thought rhymes systemically with the completed previous thought. This is proven in each st.

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