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A reflection on essays “ The hardest habit to break, since it was the habit of a lifetime, would be listening to myself Online Dissertation Writing Service & Best Dissertation to him. That habit would destroy any chance of seeing my brother on his terms; and seeing him in his terms, learning his terms, seemed the whole point of learning his story.” (Wideman 767) It is sometimes difficult to imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes. We see, hear, absorb and interpret all that which is going on around us, and so we determine the how, and why of every situation, of every circumstance or thought. When looking at something from a different angle, in the case of John Edgar Wideman’s essay Our Time, from the perspective of another person in that same situation, it is challenging to imagine or interpret that situation in another way. I find this quote significant to what Wideman captures in his essay, the telling of one story through a number of characters whose lives all coincide with one another. Wideman observed his brother’s life of wildness and crime from a third person perspective, such as an audience member watches a movies, yet no interaction occurs. Wideman has conversations with his brother, but fails to really listen to what Robby is saying, what he is feeling. This statement ties into the main ideas and structure of the essay, how the perspectives of many characters all portrayed through one narrator can be bias and misleading. When Wideman discusses his mother’s role and thoughts on her misguided son’s life, he describes how How did Propaganda influence World war I? | Yahoo Answers is affected by the actions around her. “Garth’s death and Robby’s troubles were at the center of her new vision. Like a prism, they caught the light, transformed it 10 Stages of Waiting for College Acceptance Letters | Teen she could trace the seemingly random inconveniences and impositions coloring her life to their source in a master plan.” (Wideman 766) Unlike the narrator, his mother is able to see from the poin.

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