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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 2:46:31 PM

Crane vs. frost essays Frost & Crane After paging through books of different poets and searching online I decided on selecting Stephen Crane and Robert Frost. Both are great American poets. The reason I picked them is because their poems weren’t so difficult for me to decipher. With some poets I can’t even understand what’s going on. Also in a previous English class I had read pieces of their work. Each of them have a unique writing style. This style being that both of poets never really kept their poems to a certain criteria. Some were long some were short. With Robert Frost most Free TSI Practice Tests | TSI - Test-Guide his poems were lengthy and could maybe even be short first-person stories. Meanwhile Stephen Crane is also an author so his story telling ability is also evident in his poems. It took awhile to read through several of their works to find a connection in their writings. With Stephen Crane I discovered that he referred to religion and God a lot in his poems. Some of these poems reminded of the sort of stories that appeared in the Bible. However, Robert Frost mostly wrote about simple objects around him in nature. After searching online I picked a poem by Robert Frost that I had once had to memorize for a class. This poem is “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening.” In this poem Texas Common Application - Klein Independent School District is writes in first-person view. It is about a person traveling with a horse through a dark and snowy wood. The adjectives he uses captivates me to visualize a deep and thick forest around me where everything is silent and flakes are falling all around me. Frost rhymes in this poem. He rhymed the last words in each line in the first, second, and last stanzas. While searching for Robert Frost the poem “The Joe Rogan Jordan Peterson Diet - Carnivore Diet vs Vegan Not Taken” appeared a lot so I picked it for my second selection. In this poem rhyming occurs again. For example Frost rhymes wood, stood, fair, wear, lay, day, sigh, and I. This poem continues with Frost’s nature theme. Again this poem has a wooded surrounding. The poem is abo.

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