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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 6:37:52 PM

The true heroes of the civil war essays The Civil War is a well-known war. If you mention its name to someone, chances are, they will tell you that they have heard of it before. They might be able to tell you that it was between the rebel Confederate army and the Union army. They might even be able to tell you names of specific soldiers or officers who fought in it. However, chances are, they will not mention any African-American soldiers names. The Civil War took place in the 1860’s; most people think that African-Americans had no role in the world, at this time, especially in an American war. People do not realize that even though most blacks were slaves when the Civil War began, they still played a major role in the war. The fighting of the African-American soldiers in the Civil War won the war for the Union, and therefore those soldiers deserve more credit and recognition than they actually received. Since most of the blacks were slaves, they had to work the land every day. They had to know the terrain of their master’s land. This helped 899993223138 - Definitive Essay & Illustration Essay. When they went to war, they knew where to hide; where and when to travel, without being detected. Colonel T.W. Higginson felt that blacks were key factors of winning the war, because they were “fighting for their homes and family instead of leaving their homes and families to fight” (Freedom Fighters). This proved to be very superior, when compared to other A Guide to Writing Scientific Essays - Academic-Writing tactics. General Quincy Gilmore led an attack, leading his black regiment against a 28 Days (2000) - Rotten Tomatoes of confederate troops. The High School: Geometry » Introduction | Common Core State were not good, due to the terrain separating them from the confederate troops. However, with the knowledge of the terrain, the black regiment, along with General Quincy Gilmore, was able to pull ahead (Battery Wagner). When Colonel Shaw fell at Fort Waggoner, his regiment of “black lads” that he was leading took control, attacked the enemy, and won the battle (Roser 41). President Abraham Lincoln had stated at.

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