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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:17:30 AM

Jfk and the cuban missile crisis essays President John F. Kennedy mishandled the missile crisis in my point of view. The missile crisis should have Han Dynasty Vs. Roman Empire | Free Essays - PhDessay handled with a real president with quick decision making Sons and Lovers Essay Essay, Sons and Lovers Essay of JFK’s slow decision processing. The decision to act on the threat of missiles in Cuba should have been quick and swift and thus preventing the massive build up of weapons in Cuba and stopping the importation of nuclear warheads into the country. This would have also greatly damage The Soviet Union’s prestige and diminished its power to confront the US and win. JFK learned of the missiles in Cuba shortly after the first few missiles began to arrive in Cuba and where captured by U-2 spy plane photographs. When he learns of the missiles in Cuba he simply decided to wait to see what happens next. By tolerating any missiles from any kind in Cuba, JFK allowed a threat to the American people to slip through his fingers that should have been dealt with the moment he learned of the missiles. The missiles turn out to be some intermediate range ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. The problem got out of control when the Soviet Union started to export more missiles in mass quantities into Cuba until they could not be destroyed out in an air strike all at once. This Psychology Assignment Help and Psychology Homework Help why JFK was to slow to react to the threat or even realize there was a threat. JFK in the end let the problem grow into a huge mess politically and damage the nation’s image of its ability to defend itself against any attack. The missiles could have reached from Washington to Chicago and Uc college essay prompts 2014-What Are You Good At? and could have destroyed the country. The crisis could have been stopped when it was a small problem and it would have stopped it from growing and there would have never been any Cuban Missile Crisis and there would have never been any fear of an outbreak of nuclear war. .

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