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Cultural heritage essays Cultural Heritage Fighting in World War I and World War II, my grandfather and FREE Attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants were fighting for more than American pride. They were fighting for more personal or cultural reasons. My family name is Derwinski and is of Prussian decent. The Germans and the Russians persecuted the Prussians. Prussians were strictly Protestants with high moral and ethnic standards. For centuries, Prussia was a safe haven for people persecuted for their religious beliefs. Short essay democracy pakistan - aphroditesvision 1685 and 1715, 500,000 French Protestants (known as Huguenots) immigrated into Prussia. From this time on the Prussians started a culture that was time and time again attempted at being destroyed, but lived on. Frederick II was known as The Great King of Prussia. His reign was from 1740-86, and was considered among the most notable of enlightened despots in 18th century Europe. Frederick was born in Berlin on January 24, 1712, son of King Frederick William I and grandson of Frederick I. (Encarta) He was crown prince and was trained under his IELTS essay: houses and apartments to become a soldier or an administrator. However, he was more interested in courtly life, music and French literature. This came from the influence of his mother, Sophia Dorothea of Hannover. Frederick William, failing FREE Attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants understand the tastes of his son, developed an open dislike for him. (Encarta) Frederick, at the age of 18, decided to leave and go to England. He was arrested and lost his status of crown prince. In 1733 Frederick consented to marriage and was reinstated the position as crown prince. He studied philosophy, history, and poetry and published several books. Prussia went through several reconstructions. In the 13th c. they became victims of the aggression of the German Order which had a task to Christianize them. (Maziulis) The Old Prussians went through a 90-year resistance from the crusade of West Europe. Old Prussian traditions and folklore lain down the foundation to integrate .

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