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Writing for Kids (While Raising Them) All writers love language. And we especially love fun words, don’t we? Some have funky spellings, tongue-twisting turns, a satisfying “ooh”…and some sound too hilarious to be true! So I’ve put together a list of favorite fun words that I’ll add to periodically. Have fun, lexicon lovers! abecedarian abracadabra accoutrements adagio aficionado agita agog akimbo alfresco aloof ambrosial amok ampersand anemone anthropomorphic antimacassar aplomb apogee apoplectic appaloosa apparatus archipelago atingle avuncular azure babushka bailiwick bafflegab balderdash ballistic bamboozle bandwagon barnstorming beanpole bedlam befuddled bellwether berserk bibliopole bigmouth bippy blabbermouth blatherskite blindside blob blockhead blowback blowhard blubbering bluestockings boing boffo (boffola) bombastic bonanza bonkers boondocks boondoggle borborygmus bozo braggadocio brainstorm brannigan breakneck brouhaha buckaroo bucolic buffoon bugaboo bugbear bulbous bumbledom bumfuzzle bumpkin bungalow bunkum bupkis burnsides busybody cacophony cahoots calamity calliope candelabra canoodle cantankerous catamaran catastrophe catawampus caterwaul chatterbox chichi chimerical chimichanga chitchat claptrap clishmaclaver clodhopper cockamamie cockatoo codswallop collywobbles colossus comeuppance concoction conniption contraband conundrum convivial copacetic corkscrew cornucopia cowabunga coxcomb crackerjack crescendo crestfallen cryptozoology cuckoo curlicue curmudgeon demitasse denouement desperado diaphanous diddly-squat digeridoo dilemma dillydally dimwit diphthong dirigible discombobulated dodecahedron doldrums donkeyman donnybrook doodad doohickey (this is what I call a library due date card) doppelganger dumbfounded dumbwaiter dunderhead earwig eavesdrop ebullient effervescence egads eggcorn egghead elixir ephemeral epiphany eucatastrophe extraterrestrial finagle fandango festooned fez fiasco fiddle-footed fiddlesticks finicky firebrand fishwife fisticuffs flabbergasted flapdoodle flibbertigibbet flimflam flippant floccinaucinihilipilification flophouse flotsam flummery flummoxed flyaway flyspeck folderol foofaraw foolhardy foolscap footloose fopdoodle fortuitous fracas frangipani freewheeling fricassee frippery frogman froufrou fuddy-duddy fussbudget 7 Important Elements of Any Article - Miss Just 1 Element gadfly gadzooks gallimaufry gangplank gangway gargoyle gasbag gazebo gazpacho gewgaw genteel ghostwriter gibberish gimcrack gizmo glabella glitch globetrotter gobbledygook gobsmacked goosebump gooseflesh gorgonzola gossamer grandiloquent greenhorn guffaw gumshoe guru gussied guttersnipe haberdashery haboob hairpin halcyon halfwit hangdog haphazard harebrained harumph harum-scarum headlong heartstrings heebie-jeebie heirloom helter-skelter hemidemisemiquaver heyday higgledy-piggledy highfalutin hijinks hillbilly hippocampus hippogriff hobbledehoy hobnobbed hocus-pocus hodgepodge hogwash hokum hoodoo hoodwink hooey hooligan hoopla hootenanny hornswoggle horsefeathers hotbed hotfoot hothead hubbub hullabaloo humbug humdinger humdrum hunky-dory hurly-burly hushpuppy huzzah hyperbole idiom idiosyncrasies igloo ignoramus impromptu incognito incredulous indomitable indubitably infinitesimal interloper interrobang ironclad izzard jabberwocky jacuzzi jalopy jamboree jargogle jawbreaker jetsam jibber-jabber jitney jubilee juggernaut jujubes jumbo junket juxtaposition kaleidoscope kaput kerfuffle kerplunk kibosh killjoy kismet knickerbocker knickknack kowtow kumquat kvetch lackadaisical lagoon lambasted lampoon landlubber laughingstock lexicographer limburger lingo loco loggerhead logjam logophile logorrhea lollapalooza lollygag loofah loony loophole lugubrious lummox machinations madcap maelstrom magnificent majordomo malapropism malarkey manifesto mastermind mayhem mealymouthed mellifluous menagerie miasma miffed milquetoast misanthrope mishmash moocher mojo (also a character in THE MONSTORE) mollycoddle mondegreen moniker monkeyshines monsoon mnemonic moonstruck muckety-muck mudpuppy mudslinger muffuletta mufti mulligatawny mumbo-jumbo murmuration muumuu nabob namby-pamby nimrod nincompoop nitwit nomenclature nonplussed noodge nudnik numbskull onomatopoeia oomph orotund outfox outlandish oxymoron pachyderm pagoda palindrome palomino panache pandemonium pantaloons papyrus parabola parallelogram parapet paraphernalia pedagogue peewee pell-mell persimmon persnickety pettifogger phalanx phantasmagorical phantonym phylactery piffle pizzazz plethora pogo pogonip pollex pollywog poltroon pomposity poppycock portmanteau potpourri pseudonym pugnacious pulchritudinous pusillanimous pussyfoot quibble quicksilver quicksticks quiddle quinzee quirky quixotic quizzity rabble-rouser raconteur rainmaker ragamuffin ragtag ransack rapscallion razzle-dazzle razzmatazz rejigger rendezvous resplendent rickrack ricochet riffraff rigmarole riposte roundabout roustabout rubberneck ruckus ruffian rugrat rumpus sabayon sashay sassafras scalawag (also scallywag) scatterbrain schadenfreude schlep schluffy schmooze schmutz scintillating scrofulous scrumdiddlyumptious (Dahlism) scuttlebutt serendipity sesquipedalian shabang shenanigans skedaddle skullduggery slapdash slapstick slipshod smithereens smorgasbord snollygoster sobriquet sojourn spellbind splendiferous squeegee squooshy staccato stupefaction succotash supercilious superfluous Svengali swashbuckler switcheroo swizzlestick synchronicity syzygy talisman taradiddle tchotchke teepee telekinesis thingamabob thingamajig thunderstruck tidbit Beowulf Quotes Bravery. QuotesGram toadstool toady tomfoolery tommyrot toothsome topsy-turvy trapezoid tub-thumper tumultuous typhoon ululation umlaut umpteen usurp uvula vamoose verisimilitude vermicious (well, if I included one Dahlism, why not another?) vertigo verve virtuoso vivacious vuvuzela wackadoodle wallflower wanderlust whatchamacallit whatsis whimsical whippersnapper whirligig whirlybird whizbang whodunit whoop widget wigwam willy-nilly windbag wipeout wiseacre wisecrack wisenheimer wishy-washy woebegone wonky woozy wordplay wordsmith wunderkind wuthering xylophone yahoo yellow-belly yokel yo-yo zaftig zeitgeist zenzizenzizenzic (yes, this is a word! look it up!) zephyr zeppelin ziggurat zigzag zonked zoom zydeco. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Time for vocabulary development as I grabbed my dictionary to learn a few new words. I love lists. Thank you, Tara. Great word! I *almost* used it. I tried to stick to real words (with the exception of two Dahlisms, because I adore Dahl) and words that did not require a hyphen (because I felt the hyphen was cheating, in a way) LOL. I have since abandoned with “no hyphen” rule! LOL. Tara – this is great! If you’re looking for a place for more fun, weird words, Worthless Word for the Day is a terrific source. Tara this list is a humdinger and is a big ballyhoo in my house today. I’m a fussbudget about words, but this list made me rejigger my own list and say cowabunga! It gave me the heebie-jeebies, too. Whoo! Adding some words….thanks! Sorry about the hyphen…. I love that word, and I’m a musician and someone wrote a fun piece called the Heebie Jeebies. What a list! I’m going to challenge my kids to define all of them by the end of the summer, with a trip to the book store as a reward. Shhh…I think they’ll be having too much fun to realize they are learning, too! : ) LOVE these! I have a “word purse” I use with students, and these would be great ones to have in there (I’d have to check for duplicates first). And now I have an idea I need to get started on, thanks to you! (You do have a way of doing that…) xoxox. I think we all need to carry a word purse! I think I have a fetish over your #181. I’ve always loved that word! LOL Great list… Oh no, which word was 181 when you looked at the list? I’ve added! So fun to say this list out loud! I hope your family members gave you more than 200 strange looks while you were sitting at the dinner table saying “this splendiferous smorgasbord is scrumdiddlyumptious” and giggling. Awesome list, Tara! I now have a new favorite word: clishmaclaver. Thanks! 🙂 So, SO fun – but you are missing my favorite word – cacophony. Gotta look several of these up – and use them when my kids are in a bad mood. You’re awesome, by the way 🙂 OK, your favorite word now included! Thanks, Joanne! Thanks for sharing your collection, Tara. Love it! A great list. Love befuddled. Haven’t heard some of these words used since I was a child. Need to remember this post as I saw some words I’s like to use. I LOVE this list, Tara! Thank you! I bookmarked it so I can go back again and again! 😀 Great list. Thanks! I think there might be some prompts in here. Love it, Tara! Saved it on my bookmarks bar for reference! Thanks! What an amazing and tremendously fun list of words! I can’t wait to see what zenzizenzizenzic means! Thanks for creating this list and then sharing it! This is Theme of Forbidden Love in My Contraband by Louisa great list but in a picture book I wonder if I will lose the reader with too many of these. I am keeping the list for later. You can use some…but not all, LOL. Take a look at Ammi-Joan Paquette’s PETEY AND PRU AND THE HULLABALOO! Great example of using Metropolitan Museum Of Art Thematic Essays - wappad but fun words in a picture book. Is there such a thing as a listophile?! If not, there should be ’cause I’m definitely a lover of lists! 🙂 thanks, Tara! Just saying some of these words out loud brings joy to my heart…thanks for putting fun words in one place. Wouldn’t it be fun to sprinkle one or two in each book, like a word scavenger hunt. Just a quick note to tell you I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring The current extended interpretation of the Commerce Clause Award – ck out this post for the details. Thanks for your blog – I really enjoy it! Reblogged this on electricbluegaloo and commented: I love this list. It’s such as lovely way to wallow. Great list! Thanks for sharing…. Dear Tara, Recently, I register for a Writing Children’s Books class. My instructor of this course introduced to us your website. I am so excited about writing a book. Your story inspires me to make my wish a reality. I am bilingual V150 nurse prescribing essay (editing thesis papers is my first language. So, I am interested in book translation. What would be your advise to get stararted? Thanks in advance. RMERCADO. Hi Rosa, thanks for your nice comments. I’m afraid I am not familiar enough with bilingual books to make a good recommendation to you. I would seek out other sources, for this is not my are of expertise. 7 Important Elements of Any Article - Miss Just 1 Element luck! Love, love, love words. I see a couple I actually use. I’m sure that says something, but I don’t know what. I’m not going to futz with it, though. Yes Walk on the Wild Side: Snapshots of the Chinese Poetry is a fun, cool, and interesting list of words! Thanks for sharing it! Wow! Awards - Muhammad Yunus that’s a whopping list of words. Thanks for the great share. Totally flabbergasted with the list. Thanks! Awesome list! Thanks for sharing, Tara. Thank you so much for sharing that. It’s so good to know, can give your story a little sparkle. Reblogged this on Al The Author's blog and commented: You had me at “akimbo” ! Great list – shared for fellow word hoarders.

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