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Hemmingway's battle essays Hemingway’s Battle With the Home Front In One in a wheelchair writing of “Soldier’s One in a wheelchair, he brings the character of a returning soldier to life, struggling to adapt himself Researching Egypt #3 – Forming a thesis statement | The the life he left behind. His family, community, and other returning soldiers complicate his struggle. Years after the war ends and the celebrations have exhausted, Harold Krebs is disappointed in his homecoming to a small Oklahoma town. The author uses the point of view to give insight into Krebs’s feelings. Hemingway also keeps him sympathetic to the reader by keeping the other characters at a distance. The main aspects that Hemingway uses to tell the story, “Soldier’s Home” are characterization, setting, and point of view. The protagonist, Harold Krebs, evolves during the story as a character who is deeply disturbed by his experience in the war. He finds it difficult to recapture the beliefs and ambitions he had prior to his traumatic experiences of the many bloody battles. “At first Krebs, who had been at Belleau Wood, Soissons, the Champagne, St Mihiel, and in the Argonne did not want to talk about the war at all.”(4). He goes along with his life in a way as to avoid all conflicts, confrontations, and a desire for no responsibility and consequences. His character evolves during the story as he learns to deal with the Moore he has in returning home. Krebs’s mother, the ‘I’ll Push You’: Friends antagonist, wants Krebs to regain some normalcy in his life. She is a flat character in the fact that all she wants throughout the story is for him to live a normal life. Hemingway reveals her character, and the other minor characters, slowly throughout the story to keep most of the focus on Krebs’s internal conflict. Other supporting characters lack an impacting role in the ‘I’ll Push You’: Friends. Krebs’s relationship with his sister does show some of the complexities of his character. His relationship, or lack thereof, with his father also brings some background to.

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