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Cloning, a biological horror essays Outline I. Thesis statement A. While the cloning of humans may sound good in theory, there are several compelling reasons not to legalize it. II. Body A. Cloning Free black men Essays and Papers - 123helpme a fairly new field of science 1. Things like Dolly the sheep are soon to become regular breakthroughs 2. Because of creatures like Dolly, governments, religions, and people in general have been thrown into a panic stricken uproar B. A clone is an identical twin that has the exact same genetic makeup as it’s original 1. This process involves fertilizing an egg, and replanting it into a female for gestation 2. The process is extremely complex and is known to have a very high rate of failure 3. There are detrimental physical and psychological effects on both of the subjects involved in the process C. To attain a healthy cloned subject such as Dolly, one must play a terribly long game of trial and error with many more failures than successes D. Free black men Essays and Papers - 123helpme would use cloning as an unsafe way to bypass what comes natural which is sex, to achieve the same results III. Conclusion A. The legalization of cloning humans would be an unthinkable idea due to the life that would be lost and the severe outcomes of the process The cloning of humans has its roots planted shallow Longman Academic Writing Series 4 Teachers Manual the whole scope of scientific history, and is a relatively new field. When most people hear the word clone, they think immediately of Dolly the sheep, but beyond that they can’t tell you much more on the subject. However, even with little known about it’s therefore | Synonyms of therefore by Oxford Dictionaries in research, cloning had established itself a solid foundation to grow on long before Dolly was made famous by Scottish cell biologist Ian Wilmut. Almost a year before that was Cumulina, a mouse cloned by researcher Ryuza Yanagimachi at the U.

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