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Sports fans essays “Hey beer man another beer please” yells a fan. I look to my friend and say, “This is only his third beer and is already drunk and using foul language.” Many parents with kids have left because he is getting more obnoxious by the minuite. My friends turns to me and says, “I’m going to go tell him to be quiet.” When my friend gets there and tells him to be quiet, he takes offense of it, and punches him in the face. Pretty soon we have a fight that has broken out. And now with this fight that has broken out nobody can enjoy the game. This problem could have been avoided if we elimnated alcohol from sporting events. I’m addressing the community of sports fans. The reason I’m addressing this particular community is because I feel that certain behavior in the stands must change and how to change it is by elimnating alcohol. I have been to many sports events ranging from football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. I have been to many sports events at certain levels ranging from professional, college, and high school and I have seen a ton of behavior that must change. Sports fans are people that take time out of their day and come to arenas and stadiums and cheer on their favorite teams. Some sports fans choose to root for their team silently by usually staying quiet and just watching the event. Other sports fans come out and choose to be a little bit more vocal, by cheering when a play goes their way or booing when the play does not go their way. Some Candide - Kindle edition by Voltaire. Literature & Fiction fans don’t make a big deal if the team loses, and others take it really hard if their favorite team loses. Some of us choose to come to the events dressed very casually. What I mean by casually is just come in basic clothes, or wear Candide - Kindle edition by Voltaire. Literature & Fiction specific jersey. Some of us choose to come to the event dressed in a costume, put on face paint, or not even wear a shirt at all. Some of us choose to Line Drawing: A Guide for Art Students on their team Order essay online cheap topography and geographic region analysis for tourists
their house on TV. Som.

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