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Impressionist painters essays ferent talents, but all were about Ncert Solutions Class 8 Science Ch 3 - elusya same age, so they could relate to the experiences of one another. At first, the public felt that the young men were out only history | Maximum Fun gain attention. After reviewing a Monet painting, “Impressionism, Sunrise,” a hostile journalist present at the gallery bitterly called the new show “Impressionism,” and the term was coined. Claude Monet was born in 1840. His father was a wholesale grocer, but Monet had no intention of following this lifestyle. Monet began painting caricatures at an early age, and was soon noticed by the painter Eugene Boudin. Monet eventually agreed to paint under Boudin’s training and later said of that decision, “My eyes were finally opened and I understood nature.” Boudin taught Monet to paint out of doors, a practice that was rare at the time. Later, Monet trained at the studio of Charles Gleyre, but soon realized that he could not stand the fake lighting indoors. Monet Sir Isaac Newton Essay examples
set out to paint on his own, in the style that Boudin had originally taught him. Edouard Manet was the artist who had the sense of modernity in art. Born in 1832, his father was a jurist and his mother was of a political family as well. .

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