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Saturday, August 04, 2018 1:25:19 PM

Literacy event essays Senior Shakespeare’s Use of Language in His Play of its difficulty, senior English in high school with Mr. Sacksteder was a class that many people recommended not to take because of its difficulty. In fact, many kids opted to duel-enroll and take the English class at the local community college because it was Shakespeare’s Use of Language in His Play. My parents, however, convinced me to take the senior English class and I am very glad I did. This class changed the way I wrote and what I thought about writing. From the first day in class, I knew I was going to be challenged to open my mind and truly express myself. Mr. Sacksteder taught us to reevaluate what we had learned as high school students, and pushed us to write beyond what we were capable of. As a student and a person, I learned to expand my limitations and write with great detail and fluency. The most important part of the class was the tremendous detail Mr. Sacksteder paid to including quotations in papers. Before I took this class, I had always written papers that were somewhat entertaining, but really had no point to them. From the first day in class he pounded the fact that we needed concise example into our heads. To make us do that; Mr. Sacksteder would give us assignments that had to have a certain number of quotes in them. I struggled at first but eventually caught on and my papers continued to get better grades. This English class taught me to write a paper that was entertaining, but also gave the reader some information about the topic of the paper. After graduating from high school I have talked to my classmates and they also said this class helped their writing tremendously. I talked to a girl who was in this class with me and who now goes to a community college and I told Class Readings and Homework – Introduction to Philosophy about the assignment that was given to me in my first writing class in college and she said, “Glad Essay summary signals consider smoke took Mr. Sacksteder’s class, huh.” Many other students have also made similar comments. At the end of the year we .

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