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found 6 paragraph Persuasive essay on smoking? help ? | Yahoo relief for farmers by developing the peanut. George was especially noted for his work with peanuts. In 1923, The National Association for the Advancement of colored people award him the Spingarn medal for distinguished service in the field of agriculture. 6e36967f959501ed2e91b93b9f42e392 scientific successes drew the attention of other inventors such as Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison offered him a hundred thousand dollars to for him, but George refused. George also had friendships with Henry Ford, the car maker, Mohandas Gandhi, and the Indian Independence Leader. In Funny stories that actually happened to me: Trip to the, he declined an offer by Joseph Stalin to go to Russia. George was a small, soft spoken, religious man with a humble Demeanor. George believed that god was a collaborator in his laboratories. George tried to promote the interest of black and white people. George greatest desire was simply to improve the lives of poor peopl.

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